Customer Complaints

Reduce complaints and impress customers

Save time, speed up investigations and customer communications. Automate reports including CPMU. Advanced intelligence helps reduce complaint trends.

If you experience some of the following challenges then we have the solution.

Manual data entry of complaints is time consuming and error prone.

Complaint handling is a manual process relying on the exchange of emails between the individuals responsible at each stage of the process.

Complaints go missing and consumers or customers are not responded to in a timely fashion.

Excessive time is being spent spreadsheet wrangling to create reports for customers and internal management.

Much time is being spent debating with customers and colleagues which numbers are correct meaning not enough time is available for root cause and corrective action management.

For branded products there are concerns that some complaints may be fraudulent but there is no way of quickly detecting these.

Complaint investigations are not conducted consistently.

You think there must be a better way.

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Customer Complaints

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An effective complaint management system should be serving both the customer and business. Whilst the customer is assured that their complaint is being taken seriously, the business should have the expertise and resources to investigate the complaint and prevent reoccurance.

This all takes a significant amount of time and energy. Our system can help you save time, speed up investigations and communications.

Our automated reports include CPMU and our advanced intelligence helps redue complaint trends.