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Reduce complaints and impress customers with our Customer Complaint Report Software

Save time, speed up investigations, and customer communications. Automate reports including CPMU. Advanced intelligence helps reduce complaint trends.

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Customer Complaints

Want a better way of managing complaints? You're in the right place!

Which problems can our Customer Complaint Report Software solve?

Which features does our Customer Complaint Report Software have?

What are the benefits of the system if used properly?

Effective customer complaint management system software should be serving both the customer and business. Whilst the customer is assured that their complaint is being taken seriously, the business should have the expertise and resources to investigate the complaint and prevent reoccurance.

This all takes a significant amount of time and energy. QADEX‘s customer complaint management software can help you save time, speed up investigations and communications.

Our customer complaint management software’s automated reports include CPMU and our advanced intelligence helps reduce complaint trends.

Will I be able to respond to customers in real time?

Yes – the system has this functionality.

What are examples of the Customer Complaint Report Software developing a positive outcome?

Contact us and ask for a copy of the latest customer case studies which demonstrate how long term users of the QADEX customer complaint software have delivered year on year reductions in complaint trends and CPMU.

How does it manage customer feedback?

Regardless of the source of customer feedback, the QADEX customer complaint software captures it, including positive comments and enquiries and automates the workflows required to resolve quickly and impress customers. The embedded knowledge base enables customer support staff to instantly answer tricky customer questions that might otherwise need referring to internal technical, regulatory, marketing or supply chain teams.

What is the legal side when it comes to customer complaints?

The most critical legal requirements in Europe is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A much overlooked piece of UK legislation stipulates that businesses are required to refund consumers the cost of calling to complain about a product or service. Typically consumers may be incurring costs if they are calling your customer service team using their mobile phones. The QADEX customer complaints software tracks this data for you to ensure you remain compliant.

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