Complaint Management System

Customer Complaint Management software, is yours effective?

We have all had a complaint about something we have purchased at least once in our lives. With the ever growing importance of quickly and efficiently dealing with complaints, can Customer Complaint Management software improve your efficiency?

Recently I ordered a bed for my daughter. I chose to buy it from a retailer I considered to be reliable and provide a good service.

When it arrived some of the screws were missing so we couldn’t put it up, resulting in a very upset child that wanted it to sleep in that night. I had put aside that evening to assemble the bed, so this was very inconvenient.

I rang up to complain  and they promised to get me some sent out and apologised.

After I received them, I then found out that a friend had also ordered from the same retailer and had the same problem with a shoe cabinet!

Looking back on the experience, how would my complaint help them improve in the future?

The Complaint experience

During the experience as a complainant there was:

  • A promise to get the items out to me
  • No explanation of cause
  • A charge to them for sending the items out by courier
  • A customer who now doubts their reliability.

Given that my friend has the same issue recently it makes you wonder the following:

  • Did they look into how it happened and if it is a recurring issue.
  • Did they speak to the warehouse to highlight it ?
  • Had they recorded the complaints on a customer complaint software system?
  • Would they have a complaint investigation based?

These are all steps that would be required for an adequate complaint management system and would benefit both the customer and the business.

If customer services took the details down, assured the customer that this would be recorded in the complaints system and looked into, the customer would be reassured that their complaint is taken seriously.

Benefits of Customer Complaint Software

By using customer complaint report software the business would be able to;

  • Properly investigate the individual complaint.
  • Identify where the issue lies through root cause analysis.
  • Put steps in place to stop the issue reoccurring.
  • Provide data to higher management of the complaints received by type of complaint and show steps that have been taken to stop it happening again.

Following this blog post you may be wondering about the current (or lack of) customer complaint management software system you have in place for your business, if it is working or not and whether it helps you get ahead of issues.

Customer service has never been so important, every business needs to ensure they handle complaints properly to not only save money, but also turn a complaint into a happy loyal customer.

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