Customer Complaint Management Module new functionality


I love my job at QADEX, especially when it allows me to get my creative juices going!

I recently attended a customers site, to see how they dealt with their customer complaint management for brand protection and how we could use the QADEX customer complaint module to help them.

From this meeting I came away with a large list of improvements to the QADEX Customer Complaint Module and today some of those upgrades went live. I am hoping that these new upgrades will help customers brand protection.

That sounded really easy didn’t it! But trust me when I tell you it isn’t. First we have to look at the existing functionality in the system and how it can perhaps be configured to work better, we then have to look at new functionality that may be required and if we have it within the system or we need to look at how we acquire those skills, then we have to design it, just having an idea of what a customer wants and then building it sometimes can go very wrong! Once all the wireframes have been designed and signed off by all interested parties, we go into the build phase and from there to testing, all of which takes a huge amount of effort but when you see your creation live it’s all worth it.

Today I am very proud to announce some very exciting NEW functionality to the customer complaints module in regards to our already brilliant Automatic Retailer Customer Complaint Upload feature. This module works for own label suppliers where the brand protection risk is shared with the retailer, but many own label suppliers also produce branded & unbranded food.

New to the Qadex desktop, is a complaints search. You can search using your customers name (complainant) or your customer reference number. Clicking Search will open a pop up with all the complaints matching your chosen search criteria. You will see another upgrade in the pop up box, Archive/Close, you can now select more than one complaint by ticking the individual complaint boxes. Clicking the tick box at the top will select all the complaints. After that, clicking the green plus sign will allow you to archive/ close your selected complaints.

The Retailer auto upload link in My Qadex desktop, this link will allow you to track the auto uploads. You will be shown a list of all your retailers. Clicking on a particular retailer will open a table showing the date, number of complaints and the number of duplicates!! From here you can view the automatically uploaded complaints as well as change the status to archive/ close. The generate report button will allow you to select start and end date for the auto upload and will generate an on screen report. The report can be exported as a pdf and xls.

The Customer complaints auto upload link in My Qadex desktop, this link has the same functionality as the retailer auto upload link, the difference here is that the complaints coming to this link are from any websites that you have, such as Contact us etc. The generate report function is also available.

View, edit & add complaints link has been completely overhauled as you may be aware I am tasked with keeping the system speedy, so it has been a bit of a dilemma on how I do this with the number of complaints some of our customers are dealing with! So we created a filter. You can filter your complaints by category, status, site and even the date. The filters are not dependent so you can use one at a time (for example, you can select the start and end dates and clicking Filter Complaints button would show you the results). As before, viewing all complaints is available.

We have also added a new complaint status – New complaint (duplicate). This will help you identify any duplicate complaints the retailers send you. Hovering over the complaint status New complaint (duplicate) will show you the reference number for the original complaint(s).

Wow quite a lot to explain, I hope I have been clear, there will be a new screencast coming soon and I will blog on any customer feedback received.

I hope you all enjoy the new upgraded Customer complaint management module and here’s hoping your brand protection will be increased with this new functionality.