Customer Care

Customer Care

Do any of the following sound familiar:

Transcribing complaint data from emails or spreadsheets into complaints database is a manual, time consuming task.

Complaint handling is a manual process of exchanging emails with site technical teams.

Tracking individual complaints from receipt through close is a time consuming process.

The underlying cost per complaint is difficult to capture across the business.

Reporting is difficult & time consuming.

Real time trending is difficult.

Fraudulent complaints are difficult to spot.

Then look no further.

An intuitive solution delivering for over 16,000 sites globally

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Join thousands of satisfied customers using our solutions globally

Customer Complaints

Save time, speed up investigations and customer communications. Automate reports including CPMU. Advanced intelligence helps reduce complaint trends.

Outsourced Customer Care

Let our team manage the entire complaints process using market leading software to save time, money and improve customer service.

Document & Knowledge Management

Ensure everyone knows what they need to do, how to do it and have demonstrated understanding, if required. Support delivery of a strong food safety culture.

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