Congratulations to Booths – Independent retail chain of the Year

Last week Booths were awarded independent retail chain of the year at the prestigious Grocer Gold Awards.
As a family owned and operated retailer, Booths has recorded 160 years of unbroken profits.
Think about that, 160 years!

How many retailers can trace their roots back 160 years. J Sainsbury, founded in 1869 are trading 145 years, Sainsbury’s have long ceased being a private company.
Key to Booths success has been its local focus – at least 25% of its ranges are sourced from its northern heartland. Ticking all the following fashionable boxes:

  • Local sourcing
  • Short and transparent supply chains.
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Investing in their local community

Audit Checklist
Booths have been doing this long before it became fashionable, and will continue to do so whether it remains fashionable or not, I suspect.
As a dairy farmer’s son, and brother, I was delighted during 2014 when Booths showed its commitment to dairy farmers by introducing a Fair Milk scheme, a pledge that farmers supplying Booths own-label range are permanently paid the highest farmgate price in the market. The initiative was praised by customers, and the media across the industry.
And it was just one of the innovations that have allowed Booths to “differentiate itself…in a very difficult UK grocery market,” said one one judge. “Booths understands their market, their customer and their brand,” said another, praising the independent retail chains “world class standards”
My first experience of shopping at Booths was in Bowness on Windermere over 15 years ago while on holiday in the Lake District, it was a great & differentiated experience then and remains so today.
Congratulations Booths and long may you continue to prosper.
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