CEOs Driving the Use of Mobile Technologies

A recent PWC report said “81% of CEOs think mobile technologies are strategically important for their business”. 

When I talk to technical teams about mobility, their first reaction is to think about supply chain auditors travelling around the world auditing suppliers. But ‘mobility’ is beginning to have a much more strategic importance within your own premises or production unit, before anyone takes a step outside the building…
“Mobility” is a term that describes a shift in work habits and practices, primarily driven by the availability of mobile devices, smartphone apps or cloud services that enable people to perform business tasks in real time, from wherever they are.

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A mobile food safety team strengthens your food safety management system.
Mobility has the potential to be incredibly powerful for food safety teams. Here are some examples of how mobility can help to improve processes:
  •  Using a device anywhere on the factory floor has significant benefits for completion of QC checks and internal audits.
  • Recording QC checks in real time direct to the QADEX system rather than using paperwork and entering the data later as a separate process
  • It saves time, increases accuracy, and the system auto-capture provides concrete evidence of the date and time the checks were completed for unannounced audits.
  • T he chance for a super-efficient operator to complete all their QC checks at the start of the shift/day/week disappear.
  • Auto validation rules can be used to automatically raise non-conformances
  • Live links to approved raw material specifications ensure that checks are always completed against the current specification with the correct work instructions.

QADEX systems keeping you at the forefront of mobility.
We are focused on empowering and enabling food safety teams to be more mobile, by enabling new ways of working and increasing customer and retailer engagement. This is resulting in greater efficiency across food safety teams.
Today QADEX customers can connect to their risk assessment, supplier approval management, product specification, QA Checks & customer complaints management systems from anywhere in the world using laptops and tablets, in a totally secure environment, to complete the majority of tasks in real time, at any time of day.


Mobile Devices revolutionise working practices
A mobile device can be used at any time to view content while out and about, to receive updates instantly and to respond to con-conformances and corrective actions instantly. This enables your food safety team to be up to date and respond quickly. At all times:

  • QC checks, internal audits and supplier audits can be completed on the move using tablets.
  • Non-conformances can be photographed using inbuilt cameras, which speeds up audit processes and provides indisputable evidence.

QADEX are at the forefront of mobile technology and continue to invest heavily, but we have only scratched the surface of possibility. Future mobile apps will further revolutionise the QADEX user experience.
Please let us know how we can support your journey towards a more effective mobile food safety team.