Cartoon 7 | Trying to source ingredients from Cowboys United Ingredients Agents

supplier approval procedure
Trying to source ingredients from Cowboys United Ingredients Agents
The buyer is now on the case trying to source 1 tonne per annum of exotic ingredient X, robust supplier approval procedures will need to be followed to include supplier certifications for BRC version 7.
Although BRC 7 encourages agents to be certified to the BRC agents and brokers standard, Cowboys United are not certified. In fact our cowboy agent is himself searching on his approved suppliers list (Google)
This not going to end well.
About These Cartoons
QADEX understand the continual pressure that food safety teams are under.
Sometimes what happens is surreal and would be funny, except you are up to your neck and it is hard to see the funny side.
This cartoon is Number 7 in a series of 19 cartoons charting some of the crazy things that happen in the process of launching a fictional hot potato range into a supermarket.
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