Cartoon 12 | While in the factory things are not going quite to plan

customer complaints
While in the factory things are not going quite to plan
An oven breakdown….but our proactive production manager is using a secondary oven, the one with inconsistent temperatures that result in high levels of boil out.
Customer complaints are high for products baked through this secondary oven and QA checks on the pre-production products indicate that they are all out of specification.
Another day, another fine mess.
About These Cartoons
QADEX understand the continual pressure that food safety teams are under.
Sometimes what happens is surreal and would be funny, except you are up to your neck and it is hard to see the funny side.
This cartoon is Number 12 in a series of 19 cartoons charting some of the crazy things that happen in the process of launching a fictional hot potato range into a supermarket.
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