Cartoon 11 | Pre production day

supplier approval
Pre production day
Our frustrated hero is having to explain the unexplainable to the retailer technologist;

  • Still no supplier approval for exotic ingredient X
  • Supplier is unable to provide a raw material specification
  • Forget ethical compliance with the ETI base code
  • It is not possible to create a finished product specification

Of course there is no sign of the NPD and business development guys who created this mess.
About These Cartoons
QADEX understand the continual pressure that food safety teams are under.
Sometimes what happens is surreal and would be funny, except you are up to your neck and it is hard to see the funny side.
This cartoon is Number 11 in a series of 19 cartoons charting some of the crazy things that happen in the process of launching a fictional hot potato range into a supermarket.
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