Cartoon 1 | Testing budgets out to tender yet again..

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Where would the business be without marketing and sales get to spend mind boggling amounts of money on glamourous projects with unquantifiable business benefit.
When you try to talk to them about the need to invest in your food safety management system their eyes glaze over.
To make matters worse the accountants get involved and insist you put the lab testing contract out to tender, yet again, to balance budgets.
You have been here before, salami slicing of lab testing budgets over many years have hammered your quality control and quality assurance capabilities.
It cannot go on.
About These Cartoons
QADEX understand the continual pressure that food safety teams are under.
Sometimes what happens is surreal and would be funny, except you are up to your neck and it is hard to see the funny side.
This cartoon is Number 1 in a series of 19 cartoons charting some of the crazy things that happen in the process of launching a fictional hot potato range into a supermarket.
We hope you find some of these cartoons amusing, if you do please share the smiles by clicking the share button on LinkedIn.

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