Cadburys World Outing

Qadex – give yourselves a round of applause, we FINALLY arranged a work outing and had attendance of over 70%! Nothing to do with the fact it was during work hours and had perks of free chocolate whilst at Cadbury’s World, I’m sure…

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After a manic week of chasing raw material specifications and supplier approval documents! We all shut down early; packed our things and headed out for Birmingham. After just over an hour of the wrong exit’s, wrong directions from the human Satnav and selfies’s we arrived at Cadbury’s World… and that was just Vicky’s car!


After managing to round everyone up, Zak almost dying of a heart attack after paying £4 for a panini and sadly hearing Shraddha and Tracey couldn’t join us (you were both missed!!) we eventually began our tour and received our first two bars of free choccy – RESULT!


We spent the next two hours within the realms of Cadbury’s world, hearing about the history, manufacturing processes, sometimes it’s really good to see how all the chasing and work we do on raw materials specifications and supplier approvals comes together in a real working environment! We then found FREDDO and we just had to take pictures of the senior team members in a frog face frame! Pictures to follow…


I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say no matter how much free chocolate we were given, our favourite part of the day was the brand new 4D ride! From the Crazy Crunchie Rollercoaster ride to the Cadbury Creme Egg Airship with the Cadbury Bunny herself – the experience was fantastic and not just for kids too, although some would say everyone here at Qadex is a big kid at heart…


Once we completed this experience it was time to go and raid the gift shop… I’m sure Deborah and Jemma, two of our Account Manager’s here at Qadex had very happy partners after leaving the shop with over £50 worth of chocolate! I was happy… I got the free teddy! Wahoo! We did think about asking to see their raw material specifications for the ingredients but in our line of work they can all blend into one!


Deborah said: This trip was great. It was not challenging and didn’t have any requirements so no one felt under pressure or that they would be excluded in any way. It was nice to be able to go with Jemma as well as she has had to miss a few events before. I have been to a place before where you get to see lot so of short movies and they have lots of little activities for people to do, all focusing around cameras and images and that was great fun for the young and young of heart.

Jemma commented: It was nice to be part of the team and have some relaxed fun with everyone, especially after another busy week of chasing documents!photo (5).JPG

Our FREDDO FROGS  from left to right Nicola Whyte, Stephen Whyte, Julian Vine, Ieva Mockute & Bridget TIdd, check out those FREDDO faces!