Brewers Fayre rolling out Buffet Place

As I sit here in a Premier Inn Hotel in Widnes in advance of the Anaphylaxis Campaign Conference tomorrow at Runcorn I cannot help reflecting on a new Brewers Fayre(Part of Whitbread) concept called Buffet Place.
Advertised as an all you can eat buffet from £5.99 per person.
I could not help having a wander in to have a look at noted that there was a majority of fried food available all washed down by unlimited fizzy drinks for £2.00 per head.
And boy was the new Brewers Fayre Buffet busy, even though it was only a Monday night.
I did not consider to look at how they were managing restaurant nutritional information and how they will manage compliance with the food information regulation from 2015.
The deeper point here though is that Whitbread who also own Premier Inn and Costa know where the mass market is and have developed a concept that I fear will be successful and lead to me too operators.
Yet food retailers and manufacturers are vilified by media in general for not providing food that is healthy enough. Is this really fair or do we as a society need to relook at how we educate people about diet.
As an industry we do have a role to play, but consumers themselves may need to be more responsible for their intake.
It would be interesting to know what is the average calorific intake from a visit to Buffet Place.
I went elsewhere to eat so cannot comment on quality, but where I went did not provide an all you can eat buffet, was nearby and was not very busy!