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How to deal with supplier audit questionnaires intuitively

Dealing with supplier audit questionnaires (SSAQ’s) is a time consuming and tedious task but due to its importance in improving traceability and food safety, it cannot be avoided. I am sure many of us are aware of the process involved in the sending out of supplier self audit questionnaires, you send them all out but only a few are received back in a reasonable time.
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Counterintuitive approach to supplier risk assessment

Why are there suppliers who have not provided the necessary information after months of chasing. * Do they not have the information? * Have they got something to hide? * Are they under resourced in their technical department? * Do they not have a technical department? * Do they not know the source of the ingredient supplied? Based on these reasons, how many of these suppliers can be classed as "low risk"
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Approved Supplier Management – 10 Top Tips

Keeping up with supplier approval management can be a tricky, time consuming responsibility which puts unwanted pressure on your business. And, due to greater media interest and the increasingly stringent requirements of retailers, it’s an area that’s attracting even more attention from food safety auditors. If you struggle to keep on top of supplier approval and meet the growing demands of customers and auditors then this series to tips which we will be publishing weekly is for you.
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Over 70 sites gain certification to the FSSC 22000

The debate about different food safety standards is not giving enough attention to the large number of food business operators who do not operate to a food safety standard and the distributors of foodstuffs who still adopt a trader mentality without sufficient investment in supplier assurance within their supply chains.
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