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Audit Manager Module

Auditing your suppliers is a vital ingredient of a quality management system. It may be a possible new supplier, or an existing one, because of a recent incident.

Supplier Audits help you improve quality standards in your suppliers, but they can represent a heavy administrative burden on your audit team.


  • An audit scheduler to assist auditors during workload scheduling.
  • Tools to match supplier & audit type to auditor competences.
  • Visibility on supplier audit status across the business to update KPI’s and other management reporting systems.
  • Management and closure of non-conformances is streamlined.
  • Real-time status of outstanding non-conformances with colour coding of overdue non-conformances.
  • Various ways to conduct audits, from pen and paper to tablet computers.
  • Auditor performance can be measured and monitored.


  • Enables visibility of overdue audits
  • Raising non-conformances and corrective actions is simple
  • Providing real time progress alerts of outstanding non-conformances
  • Automatically chases outstanding non-conformances
  • Electronically stores audit reports
  • Savings in auditor time
  • Non-conformances identified and resolved more quickly
  • Greater efficiency in scheduling audits
  • Clearer visibility of audit non-conformances
  • Centralised records and access to audit history

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