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Are you aware of the true cost of customer complaints and do you have a detailed complaints tracking system in place?

complaints tracking
After working with and speaking to several companies in the food & drinks industry regarding customer complaints and how they are managed within the business I was surprised at the number of businesses that do not have a reliable process or system of monitoring how much customer complaints are costing them and how they should be tracked from start to finish to ensure customer satisfaction.
Just tracking the time taken to deal with a customer complaint is no longer enough as you also need to be monitoring the cost of vouchers, coupons or retailer admin charges not just annually but per product, product category, and production site.
Having this level of complaints tracking in place will allow you to monitor and improve upon the areas in your business which have a higher number of complaints than others, it will also allow you to see the true cost of customer complaints, which might come as a shock to some.
As well as looking at the cost of complaints it is also crucial to react and respond to customer complaints as soon as possible. With the ever growing use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, people will no longer wait to send a letter of complaint in private. Instead, they will broadcast their displeasure to their 100’s of online followers who will instantly have a damaged opinion of your brand unless the issue is sorted out quickly.
That is why having a comprehensive complaints tracking system in place is crucial as it will allow you to quickly and efficiently manage all customers complaints, keeping customers and their followers on social media happy with your service, while managing and monitoring the cost of complaints at the same time.
If you are looking for a system to manage your customer complaints, please get in touch to see how the QADEX system can help.