Are you aware of potential supply chain risk and how to protect your business?

Supply chain risk
I recently read an interesting article around how Florida is facing the worst orange harvest crisis in a century, due to this there is a potentially increased risk of criminals taking advantages of businesses that require oranges from Florida struggling to get hold of them, resulting in potentially fraudulent oranges making their way into unsuspecting food business supply chains.
So based on the above scenario ask yourself – Are you aware of potential supply chain risk for each ingredient or product that you deal with within your business? Even if you are aware of these potential risks do you know how to use this knowledge to protect your business from falling foul of food fraud.
Dealing with supply chain risk can be challenging as the food and drinks industry relies critically on the vast number of agents, traders and brokers, all of these different sources can be hard to track and it can quickly become easy to miss out warning signs and emerging risks within your supply chain.
This is why having a system in place which can track and report on your ingredients and suppliers is important as it can help you manage and monitor for any risks helping you prevent them before it is too late, helping to protect your business and leaving you audit ready 24/7.
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Supply chain risk