Customer Complaints

Are Complaints Costing Your Business?

customer complaints management

Receiving customer complaints can cause a lot of issues for your business due to the popularity of social media where people can easily share their issues or concerns about your company with hundreds, if not thousands of people at the click of the button.

This is why ensuring that your customer complaints are dealt with quickly and efficiently is crucial to anymore damage that they already have, a positive of dealing with customer complaints quickly is the possible benefits of the complainant then sharing their positive customer service with your business to their friends and family.

The food industry is no different to other industries when it comes to handling customer complaints, as each complaint will need to be properly assigned to the correct person for investigation and corrective actions to find if this is an isolated case or if a product recall is required. This can be time consuming and stressful on workforces especially if there is a number of complaints coming in which need to be addressed quickly.

The use of a customer complaints management system is crucial today as manually processing each stage of a complaint takes too long when consumers have ever increasing expectations of service and quality.

This is why having a customer complaints management system that can easily manage complaints from multiple sources such as; customer care centres, websites, emails & social media.

Below are some of the features that the QADEX Customer Complaints Management Module includes:

  • Management of multiple sources of complaints from customer care centres, websites, emails & social media which ensures that all complaints, regardless of source, are dealt with in a consistent manner.
  • Access to “backup or contingency” customer care-line personnel available in the QADEX Support centre, meaning that if you are faced with peaks in complaints at certain times we can step in to support at a few hours notice.
  • Auto alerts and notifications to flag when a product, or batch, has a complaint level which is “above trend” ensuring rapid management attention and focus.
  • Advanced intelligence tools for suppliers to enable prompt identification of “root cause” and providing suppliers with the intelligence to drive reduction in complaints per million units sold.
  • Accurate complaint logging and allocation which ensures that complaints are assigned to the correct sites and also assigned to the correct categories for management reporting and KPI purposes.

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