Allergen Management

Anaphylaxis Campaign Corporate Conference (Part 1)

I attended this great event last week at Runcorn.
Chaired by Tony Hines from Leatherhead Food Research there was a great line up of speakers.
Susan Mallin, Senior Technical Manager as Asda spoke about “Future challenges in the light of the Food Information for Consumers Regulation (FIC). Some of the effects from an Asda perspective were:
1) Costs
2) Supplier training and update of product specifications
3) Manufacturing implications
4) Education of the consumer
Across the Asda own label range over 13,000 food specifications require updating. Having specification management software already in place makes this task possible from an Asda perspective, but it is still a big undertaking for suppliers across the supply chain who may often have to get raw material specifications & packaging specifications to ensure updated finished product specifications are accurate.
As part of this process allergen risk assessments will also need to be updated to ensure that all allergen declarations are accurate.
This is a vast task for technical teams and one that is likely to result in intense pressure between now and the end of December 2014 when everyone needs to be compliant