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Allergen Thresholds could be set by the end of 2014

Indications are starting to emerge that scientists have gathered enough information on allergen thresholds and how to use them which if approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) could result in industry action levels being set by the end of 2014.
It is likely that these developments will increase the burden on food businesses supplier management systems to gather high quality food specifications data from the food supply chain.
Without product lifecycle management systems the challenges of allergen management and allergen labelling will become even more challenging.
Having gathered all the necessary quality questionnaires / SSAQ’s as part of ongoing supply chain risk assessment, the importance of supplier audit to monitor supplier compliance will increase.
QADEX has been monitoring these developments for quite a while and will continue to do so.
These developments are already part of the QADEX Vision development roadmap to ensure that QADEX customers are well prepared if industry action levels become a reality.

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