Food industry issues in the media

Advent Calenders may present a cancer risk

It has been reported yesterday inFood Production Daily
This has been based on research in Germany from a consumer group. The research names some household brands, including Nestle, Mondelez & Lindt
Hopefully we do not have a similar issue here although I suspect some of these products are made at a central location for distribution throughout Europe.
Some immediate questions come to mind here:
First,? raw material and finished product risk assessments may have identified that children would be large consumers of advent calender chocolates. Maybe I am completely wrong here but in our house it is our son who is big into opening a new window on his advent calender and scoffing the chocolate.
Second,? the food industry here in the UK is very aware of the migration risks from food contact packaging and if the QADEX customer base is anything to go by food manufacturers get detailed raw material specifications & food safety questionnaires for all contact packaging and pay close attention to packaging migration test results and ensuring that all contact packaging is food grade.
Third, as seasonal products these are likely to be produced by co-packers on behalf of the brands and therefore supplier risk assessments, supplier approval management and finished product specifications would have presented opportunities to get a handle on this.
Introducing carcinogenic materials inadvertently into Christmas themed products consumed by children is not good for brand protection.
I do hope that this is an isolated problem within the German marketplace.
Fingers crossed.