Adulteration of naturally derived food dyes highlights importance of QA checks

QA Checks - Spices

With more and more consumers wanting naturally derived food dyes and these being harder to source this highlights a potential risk of adulteration with these dyes what often presents a danger to consumers due to the substitute ingredients used such as Sudan I.

With the constant threat of these naturally derived food dyes being targeted by food criminals, it is crucial that you have appropriate QA checks within your business to help identify potential adulteration of the ingredients used before it is too late.

How many businesses have specification management software robust enough to quickly identify where across their entire operations naturally derived food dyes are being used and which ones are at risk of adulteration?

Supplier monitoring & QA checks then need to be flexible and well integrated to enable the non-conforming product to be quickly identified.

Many food businesses currently do this manually using paper-based systems which can be time-consuming and a heavy workload for staff.

QADEX users can automate QA checks on intake and create an integrated supplier monitoring system.

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