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Our Company

QADEX has had a clear vision right from its inception in 2006, to provide a complete and fully managed solution enabling step change improvement in food safety and brand protection for the food and drinks industry. We aim to eclipse the clunky, expensive and hard to implement solutions of the past which I am sure many of you are familiar with.

We know the food industry. While QADEX was founded in 2006, its founders have worked in food manufacturing since the start of the 1990’s and have experienced at first hand the introduction and evolution of product specification management systems. The good, the bad, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Our History

We launched the first version of QADEX in August 2006 after years of planning (and decades of combined industry knowledge). Throughout this process, we were constantly asking ourselves how we could make our solution the best for the industry. Carefully analysing issues within the industry and how we can solve them, and how we can solve them better than the competition.

The first version of QADEX was a success, and we now knew that there was a huge demand for high quality and innovative solutions like our own within the industry.

We know that the industry is always changing, with new legislation, audits or scandals becoming what seems like part of our everyday life. That is why following feedback from our customers we released the second version of QADEX during summer 2008 and the rest, as they, say is history, with our system being recognised as a leading solution within the industry.

Fast forward to today and there are now over 16,000 food manufacturing sites using QADEX. We support over 25,000 users on a day to day basis to process over 20,000 specifications and audits per month. You are in great company when you choose to work with QADEX.

Our People

We know that everything we have achieved, and everything we will achieve, is due to our people.

Operating from a global support centre based in the beautiful countryside of Leicestershire, England, QADEX has grown rapidly into a team of over 50 experienced personnel who deliver and support IT solutions for Brand Protection, Supply Chain Risk Management, Food Specifications, Allergen Risk Management, Customer Complaints Management and NPD.

Innovation and fresh thinking is what QADEX is all about. We like to push the boundaries of what’s possible, then push it a little bit more. Something which all of our team strive to achieve.

We are fortunate to employ some of the brightest people in the industry and our working environment is epitomised by being highly flexible, without taking ourselves too seriously; but with a clear focus on the quality of our customer service and our product delivery.

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