Conference 2017

A Look Back at the QADEX Conference 2017

QADEX Conference 2017 - Folder
On the 24th of May QADEX held it’s 6th annual conference, chaired by Professor Tony Hines at the stunning Eastwood Hall situated on 26 acres of landscaped grounds and just a short drive away from the city of Nottingham.
The conference was presented by three great speakers; Karen Fisher from WRAP, Richard Sheane from 3Keel and Stephen Whyte from QADEX who took us through the day with the theme of “How to deliver a resilient and sustainable supply chain”.
QADEX Conference 2017 - 1
I think you can agree that we could not have picked a better day to have the conference, with the sun shining down on us and warmth in the air, a lot better than the gloomy weather we had in the weeks before and after the conference!
So with the lovely weather over our heads our 3 brilliant speakers prepared to present to over 100 delegates.
Below is an overview of what each speaker presented for those who could not attend or would like a refresher, all attendees  should have also received a copy of each presentation via email.
Richard Sheane, 3Keel:
Richard provided a great presentation around; a decade of agri-food sustainability, food system resilience, A VUCA world, transparency & disclosure, what the future holds for us and what challenges and opportunities we all have.
Richard Sheane 3keel
Karen Fisher, WRAP:
Next up was Karen who has a great presentation which covered; a bit about WRAP, what we know about food waste in the UK, what the business case for tackling food waste is, how we can tackle food waste and how we can start the ball rolling on doing this.
Karen Fisher WRAP
Stephen Whyte, QADEX:
Stephen presented on; the evolution of supplier approval management complexity, What QADEX are seeing and hearing as the main challenges around supplier approval management, The many different aspects to supplier approval management.
Stephen then went on to discuss; How we embed sustainability impacts and risk assessments into supplier approval, a new way of managing this and how we break out of the trap, how to save massive amounts of time when collating risk assessment data and how systems like QADEX can help with all of the above.
Stephen Whyte QADEX
This was our most successful conference with over 100 present from all across the country and from various food & drink businesses, all of which were looking to learn how we can move towards a more resilient and sustainable supply chain as an industry.
The excellent line up of speakers, venue, food and organisation was greatly appreciated by all delegates and we have received a lot of great feedback on the day.
We look forward to seeing you all at our future events and if you have any questions about how QADEX can help your business please feel free to click here and get in touch with us to find out more.
We will now leave you with a selection of photos from the day for you to look through!
Thank you for attending