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7 ways the QADEX Non-Conformance module can help simplify your life

Many businesses are still manually managing their supplier’s non-conformances. This can include countless emails back and forth, keeping track of outstanding non-conformances on spreadsheets and creating reports each time they are needed.

When you have a supplier base that includes hundreds of different manufacturing facilities, this can seem an impossible task. It also becomes increasingly easy to overlook something, lose track of a non-conformance that was raised and not have the evidence needed to prove it was correctly closed out.

When you have an auditor on-site, having to worry about all this doesn’t help things. BRC V8 highlights a number of areas where sufficient management of non-conformances is crucial:

  • Fully implemented internal audit programmes are needed
  • Results need to be reported to the people responsible
  • There should be verification of completed corrective actions
  • There needs to be clear documentation of the non-conformance
  • There needs to be clear identification of the non-conforming product
  • Easy analysis of trends needs to be available
  • Senior management needs to be able to identify root causes of the non-conformance so it can be addressed to prevent reoccurance

Wouldn’t it be far simpler to use a system that can manage all this for you, and more?

QADEX can help

Our non-conformance module has a multitude of fantastic features to help simplify your life.

  1. We can make it easy for you to manually raise an individual non-conformance or a batch of them and send them to your suppliers to respond to
  2. The module is fully integratable with our Audit and QA Checks modules, allowing automatic non-conformances to be sent following an audit
  3. We can produce dashboards for you that analyse data in the areas YOU need to see
  4. We can show trending, including number of non-conformances broken down by supplier or severity
  5. You can use automatic system chasing to suppliers who haven’t completed their corrective actions on time
  6. Configurable deadlines allow you to set shorter time-frames for non-conformances that are more serious
  7. Assign non-conformances to a team rather than a person, so even holidays or illness won’t get in the way of corrective actions!
non-conformance dashboard qadex logo chart
Our non-conformance module can help remove supplier approval risks. Dashboards can be created to show trends, removing the time-consuming work of producing this yourself. 
Different chart options

Seeing trends around your non-conformances can be a great indicator of where risks lie in your supplier base, and you can choose to view this information in whatever format you like!

Combining this data with that of your Self Audit Questionnaires and risk assessments can create individual supplier score cards. This can show you an overall indicator of your supplier at a glance, with easy-to-interpret visuals. The more data you put in, the more accurate a picture it will paint of your suppliers.

All of this can help support your business financially, by showing you exactly where you could be losing money in your supply base.

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