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5 Reasons Why Suppliers Love QADEX (Most of Them, Anyway)

Do you speak directly to your suppliers? Most likely. Have they given you less-than-sparkling feedback about their use of online systems? Probably.
Everyone loves a moan now and then but not many of us will go out of our way to give praise.
QADEX has a multitude of solutions to help lessen a supplier’s workload and make their lives easier. These solutions are often used for things like self audit questionnaires, food specifications or non-conformance management. This level of customer service is what results in the good feedback we often receive from them and what helps us stride ahead of our competition.
So what are these solutions? What do we offer suppliers that helps transform our calls from a chore into a welcome relief?
1.We Build Strong Working Relationships
We pride ourselves at QADEX on building rapport with even the most difficult suppliers. We try to speak not just about the documents they need to complete or the problems they are having. We have genuine conversations and make them feel like real people.
The biggest hurdle we face is when the suppliers see us only as a voice on the end of the phone that can easily be ignored. Shedding that opinion is one of the best ways that we at QADEX can get suppliers on board, get them cooperating and keep you, the customer, happy.
2.Help is Always Available
Whether it be by webchat, email or phone call, we are always willing to walk through any issue with a supplier. We want to help make their time using our system more manageable and less like a chore.
We can go through the work hand-in-hand with them if they wish, and we will often stay on the phone with them right up till they submit the completed document – an extra mile they are always grateful for.
3.We Problem-solve
We will always be the first to offer solutions to reduce the supplier’s workload, including:

  • Information migration from elsewhere on the system
  • Copying information from a similar document
  • Skipping sections of the questionnaire that aren’t needed
  • Removing duplicate questionnaires to avoid them repeating work
  • Uploading certificates and other information on their behalf
  • Asking them for documents that will allow them to skip hundreds of questions

Suppliers know this extra mile is not something we would go to unless we genuinely wanted to help.
If we wished to, suppliers could be told to do all the work themselves and complete every document from scratch. That this is avoided whenever possible is always well received. For example, a supplier providing us with their BRC certificate and audit report can often result in around 50% of questions being skipped.
Suppliers will always be greeted with sympathy and assistance from us on those unfortunate occasions when they are required to complete a document from scratch. If it’s a small supplier with no QA team to help them out, we will always try even harder to help.
4.We Know We’re Not Perfect
We at QADEX are aware of the shortcomings of our system, and we know that there are things that need a good spring-cleaning.
We will always take on board constructive criticism that suppliers (or customers) have if it might help to increase supplier engagement and customer satisfaction. When it really comes down to it, suppliers have to use our system – whether they want to or not – to complete information their customers need. They can often find this frustrating. Sometimes allowing them to vent is all that’s needed to get them moving in the same direction as us.
5.Always Improving
We are always keen to make suppliers aware that a new, sexy system is on the way. This system has been specifically designed to improve the supplier’s experience and make their lives easier. It will be a place where they can upload all their information just once and simply allow different customers to access it as they see fit.
We also have a major facelift coming soon to the customer side of things. Whilst we already offer far more than the competition, sometimes appearances can make all the difference.
Why would my suppliers care about that, you ask?
Well, this might not seem like a reason why your suppliers would love us, but quite often a company that starts out just using QADEX as a supplier ends up becoming one of our customers. They’ve heard about what we can offer. And if a company is willing to invest in the system as a customer, they are going to be more willing to complete what you need from them as your supplier.
A lot of suppliers find the QADEX system to be intuitive and full of opportunities to reduce their workload. This, in addition to our helpful and supportive nature, leads to satisfied suppliers. As a team, we will always go above and beyond for those that actively try to use the system to provide the information needed of them. See for yourself, and contact us now for more information about what QADEX can offer you and your suppliers.