4th QADEX Supplier Approval Management Conference tackles vulnerability assessments

The 4th QADEX Supplier approval management conference was held on 20th May at Holywell Park Conference Centre, Loughborough.
Attended by a capacity audience of over 70 food and drink manufacturers, the event is the fourth in a series of conferences hosted by QADEX to assist food businesses tackle the challenges presented by supplier approval management.
The theme of this years event was vulnerability assessments.
Chairing the event,  Professor Tony Hines of Leatherhead Food Research, and speakers included Professor Lisa Jack of Portsmouth Business School, John Figgins of BRC Global Standards and Stephen Whyte of QADEX.

QADEX Conference

Professor Tony Hines provided a fascinating introduction with insightful perspectives connecting historic fraud, horsegate and politics culminating in where we are today.
Professor Lisa Jack gave pause for thought with an extensive overview of how fraudulent food gets into the supply chain, indicators of fraud and provided some great ideas on the types of things food businesses need to be asking of their supply chains in order to identify resilience to fraud in your own business.
Research results were presented indicating that over 40% of occupational frauds are initially detected by tip offs, with management review being a distant 2nd at 14%. The benefits of a robust, confidential and trusted whistleblowing channel in every food business become clear.
John Figgins provided an excellent background and objectives to vulnerability assessments within issue 7 of the BRC Food standard along with an easy to follow step by step guide on how to complete a vulnerability assessment.
Stephen Whyte gave an overview of the QADEX tools available to assist with vulnerability assessments followed by some calls to action for the food businesses present.
Amongst these calls to action were:

  • For all suppliers who are not supplying high quality information on product specifications and self audit questionnaires, quickly, to be considered high risk.
  • Businesses to move to promptly delist suppliers who do not cooperate, it is envisaged that multiple delists will force these suppliers to improve or exit the food industry.

QADEX Conference
An excellent line up of speakers, venue, food and organisation was appreciated by all delegates, with some selected feedback comments being;

Brilliant, thanks!

Thank you!
Good day. Thank you

Thank you very much

Really good, thanks!
Excellent conference very informative

Useful conference with some good issues

Well organised event

Contents very current

Food and facilities were the best

No improvements possible

Excellent venue and arrangements

Very helpful, look forward to the next

This was very helpful

Well organised conference

It’s great, no improvement needed

Well done to all!

Planning for 2016 is already underway.