49% of ingredient suppliers within food retail supply chain

We are also advocates for food standards such as BRC and equivalent, or retailer specific standards as these go a long way to improving general standards within global supply chains.
Using solutions such as QADEX it is possible to filter suppliers and provide fast track pre-approval to suppliers who have invested in 3rd party accreditation. In recent years the majority of food businesses using QADEX have adopted this practice. This results in substantial reductions in compliance costs for accredited suppliers.
So, why use self audit questionnaires / food safety questionnaires / supplier self audits, why not just collect 3rd party accreditation certs from suppliers and be rid of all these self audits? I know it would reduce the volume of work for our team here at QADEX, but hey, it is a question worth asking.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it, the headline above answers the question.
Most people who are familiar with supply chain assurance will confirm that it only takes one supplier to mess up and for this to slip through the net to cause a substantial amount of disruption resulting in product withdrawals and threats to food safety.
In fact many of the large food safety incidents in recent years originated at a single source.
We all have our views on the various food standards. auditor quality, certification bodies, 3rd party audits etc, but surely the fact that a qualified auditor has been on site on an annual basis is a stronger risk assessment than any amount of self audits, whether conducted by a solution such as QADEX or not.
It is not the 51% of sites which are BRC accredited that should be the focus of attention, it is the 49% who do not have accreditation whom we need to focus our efforts on.
Looks like our support team will be busy for a while longer.

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