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10 Top Tips to Great Supplier Approval Procedures

Keeping up with supplier approval management can be a time-consuming responsibility which puts additional pressure on your own business.
The media interest in any horror story means that food safety auditors are paying even more attention to this area.
So here are our ten best tips for you:

10 Top Tips to Managing a Great Supplier Approval Procedure

1. Be context specific in all your supplier audit questionnaires and product specifications
2. Use pre-approval questionnaires so any problem suppliers can be identified early and kept out of your supply chain.
3. Accurate Supplier Records. Is your record of your live suppliers accurate and up to date?
4. Reward accredited suppliers with a fast track process.
5. Know what they do and how they do it. Know what is in the raw material and understand the supply chain that lies behind it.
6. Visit Suppliers Sites. Understand what activities are carried out at your suppliers’ sites
7. Study their responses Review and risk assess responses to self-audit questionnaires.
8. Ask Questions Seek clarification where required
9. Audit your suppliers. Seems obvious…
10. Investigate Technology. Research current software solutions that can automatically gather, populate, assess and identify problems in the information required.
There are always barriers to achieving best practice, but they can be overcome, one step at a time by following impeccable Supplier Approval Procedure, giving your business huge benefits in time and cost savings.
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